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Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

There is, as we write, a crictical shortage of Personel Protective Equpiment available to staff and patients at New York City hospitals. This shortage dramatically affects these hospitals', and their staffs', ability to meaningfully and properly administer care in response to the COVID-19 virus. In efforts to mitigate this critical situation, Robinson Brog has launched an effort to replenish these supplies to support and increase the availability to residents, visitors, and workers of New York City, of the medical care they need. 

If you, or your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors or other acquaintances have access to any masks, gloves, surgical gowns or other protective supplies (whether the supplies you have are or are not intended or acquired for medical purposes), please consider notifying us and donating them to the hospitals and medical professionals in need of these supplies - please note that masks are of particular need and importance, whether or not they are in fact surgical masks. We will coordinate a contactless pick-up. Our experience tells us that people in or touching the construction and demolition industries may, particularly, have access to these supplies. 

As a community, we can increase the odds of fending this virus off from our loved ones. We appreciate your help. Please contact Andrew Lolli at the following email address if you have any questions about these efforts or would like to make a donation -


The Robinson Brog Family.